What it takes to be a Woman?

Well, the more important the role of women is, the more controversial it has become over time in our society. It is sad to say that we are a pretty confused nation when it comes to women empowerment… when I look around, every women is talking about a different kind of empowerment altogether. It has become a theory like any religion, we treat this notion just like we treat our religions… we simply pick and choose and end up making our own definitions.

Anyhow, I don’t even think that this will be solved any sooner. The point here is to understand what empowerment really means. It’s also amazing how we have linked the word “empowerment” with women only. I being a humanitarian talk a lot about empowerment and its funny how many of the people around me think that I am only working for women empowerment or women rights.

Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident and it is certainly not related to any particular gender. What I think is that all the human beings need to be empowered… be it a man, a woman or even a transgender. I am sorry but I do not believe on equality… I believe on individuality and I believe that we need to respect the individuality of each gender. We have got different qualities that we need to enhance and work upon.

This race of getting equal and doing whatever we want has distorted the real essence of femininity. I hope you have gotten the idea by now that I am not feminist, clearly not the one prevailing in Pakistan these days. For me, this race has degraded the real respect and dignity that the women deserve, or maybe I haven’t come across the right side of the movement yet.

Our women were always empowered, if we see examples of Hazrat Maryam(as), Hazrat Khadija(ra) and Hazrat Aisha(ra), we see some great examples of women who were outstanding in all the fields.

“For me, celebrating the womanhood is not always about fighting for our rights and bashing the other gender all the time but it is more about embracing our individuality, understanding our dignified roles and supporting other women around us.”

A real woman is amazing… a real woman is a friend, a guide, a teacher, a leader, a home-maker, a problem solver, a deep thinker, an analyst, an artist, an empath and a Hero. A real woman is multi-talented. A real women is the one who believes on empowering others more than her own self… she has a heart of gold which believes on strengthening and uplifting rather then wrenching it all over.

I do believe that the patriarchs and their abuse have made these women all rebellious, but I don’t think this is the right solution. I know there are exceptions and sometimes all the goodness is not enough to fight the darkness and at those times you need to show your dark side but I just believe on starting from the bright side at least!

Cheers to all the women who acclaim their individuality, build other women and give recognition to the other gender who has been supportive of them!

Happy International Women’s Day! 🙂




6 thoughts on “What it takes to be a Woman?

  1. You’re such an inspirational writer! I love how your post is actually promoting empowerment, and is totally focusing on the fact that female is not the only gender that needs empowerment and not always empowering women/humanity, is being a ‘feminist’.


  2. Finally…. Someone speaks out my mind!!! Yess … I also believe in individuality not equality!! I dunno y women can’t see ds so called equality slogan is ruining their individuality!!


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