Let’s Light The Soul

Today I am super happy to tell you about a great find like “Afterglow - Light the Soul” which is an Annual Spiritual Retreat. This retreat is trying to bring people one step closer to Islam in a fun and non-judgmental environment. They want to replace all the negative connotations with ones where Islam is referred as simple, fun and a way of life.

Detachment- A Life Skill That Brings Peace

Learning to detach from our thoughts, memories, relationships, work or things at the right time, is an art... an art that brings peace, satisfaction and tranquility in life. It is often said that you can achieve the greatest heights only through detaching yourself from the things that matter to you to a certain extent and by taking a step back. I know it sounds a bit unrealistic but life is all about trying and achieving the best state we can. No doubt it's a continuous struggle, a struggle which doesn't even have a compensation at most of the times, still we are thoroughly trying to pass through it.

10 Ways to be Much More Mindful in 2018

As we have stepped in the new year, you must have gone through a lot resolutions, promises, "new year new me" posts and I am sure they have must helped you or inspired you in some way or the other. Sometimes we say that it's all talk but WORDS DO AFFECT US and we will … Continue reading 10 Ways to be Much More Mindful in 2018

Introducing Minimalism & #minsgame in Pakistan! Let’s do it!!

So I have been recently talking about "Minimalism" on my blog and some of you must be thinking about why am I focusing a lot on it. Firstly... let me tell me you what minimalism basically is: According to Joshua Becker: "Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of … Continue reading Introducing Minimalism & #minsgame in Pakistan! Let’s do it!!

Here Is Why You Should Have This “Mulaqaat”

Talking about emotions, values and how much the gestures matter to humans, had always been pretty significant to me. I have always loved directing people to the good side of life and talking about nearly everything that comes under the umbrella of positivity and goodness. Although before coming up with this blog, I didn't have … Continue reading Here Is Why You Should Have This “Mulaqaat”

Counsellor’s Lounge- A Gathering where You can ‘Talk It All Out’

"Brain is a muscle that needs to be trained; trained to be productive and positive." - Jahanzeb Ahmed Khan (The Counselor at Counsellor's Lounge) Our mind is something that we need to control and shouldn't be controlled by; the moment you leave it idle, you become its slave.  So keeping it active, productive and positive … Continue reading Counsellor’s Lounge- A Gathering where You can ‘Talk It All Out’

How Is Your Heart Doing?

We often get asked, "how are we doing?" or "how is our work going?" Or "HOW YOU DOIN'? as Joey says 😉 But has anybody asked you lately, "How your heart is doing nowadays?" I don't think so. Why? Because that doesn't seem important.. right? I mean why does it even matter? The heart has … Continue reading How Is Your Heart Doing?

8 Tricks To Be Happy

There is no set rule to achieve happiness, everyone finds it in his own way. But yes, it takes a lot of courage and motivation to opt for a lifetime of happiness. A state where nothing can really break you. There may come hindrances and little barriers, but here we are talking about a state … Continue reading 8 Tricks To Be Happy

Why Making Happiness Viral?

 The idea of starting a blog specifically on happiness, positivity and humanity struck me some time in the last summers.. well I actually thought a lot on it, discussed it with almost all of my close friends, more like bugged them with every other random idea that hit my mind. But you know how big … Continue reading Why Making Happiness Viral?